Inbiotec: Instituto de biotecnología de León

Inbiotec: Instituto de biotecnología de León
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Inbiotec was founded in 1993 as a non-for-profit private research center. A that time, public administrations and industrial companies joined efforts in order to leverage the source of knowledge and scientific staff arising from the University of León. The initial range of research activity, defined by local stakeholders and resting on industrial microbiology, was broadening over the years from the focus on antibiotics production to other research fields, encompassing food, feed, chemicals, materials and environmental applications.

In 2010, a merger with INTOXCAL, the Institute for Toxicology research of Castilla and León, brought about new knowledge and capacities, enabling the integration of cross-cutting activities which enriched our scope of innovation. From this point onwards, harnessing these new resources and the expertise accrued on microbiology and molecular biology, the activity diversified into new applications where these areas of knowledge are crucial.

Today, keeping a solid scientific activity, our focus on industry-driven research and technological development is a fact. Innovation often rests on the combination of different scientific and technological fields, and biotechnology is in many cases at the root of the concept or can support it as a complementary technology.

We are now a global organization, partnering wherever needed across the globe and providing knowledge to whatever challenge that may take benefit from our capacities.