Inbiotec: Instituto de biotecnología de León

Inbiotec: Instituto de biotecnología de León
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Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial biotechnology has been over the years the bulk of our knowledge and activity. Since research aimed at the improvement of industrial microbial processes is at the root of our origins, today we bring together the necessary extensive know-how and facilities to provide optimal performance in microbial screening, development of new strains and processes enhancement at lab-stages.

  • Screening

    Screening of microbial producers can be undertaken at different scales in appropriate standard media and conditions.

  • Random mutagenesis / Genetic engineering

    We are specialist in genetic engineering of microorganisms.

  • Culture optimization / Lab scale-up

    Process optimization is performed in-house, thanks to a set of fully-controlled bioreactors, equipped with data acquisition systems and control software.