Inbiotec: Instituto de biotecnología de León

Inbiotec: Instituto de biotecnología de León
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Our research and innovation efforts contribute to the development of improved health for all. To this end, we work discovering and enhancing the microbial production of pharmacological ingredients, applying molecular technologies to the development of better prophylactic tools for animal health, and providing knowledge in the design of novel diagnostic devices.

  • Microbial APIs production

    Microorganisms are main producers of Active Pharmacological ingredients (APIs).

  • Vaccines for animal health

    As a pillar of the one health concept, animal health is at the root of global health, enabling the control of classical zoonoses, emerging infectious diseases and environmental threats.

  • In-vitro diagnostics

    Rapid, accurate, affordable and easy-to-handle diagnostic devices are crucial for facilitating point-of-care testing and empowering individuals for self- management of health.

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